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Skilled workers in St. Veit/Glan

The skilled workers of tomorrow are being trained here

St. Veit/Glan has a high proportion of producing companies and is therefore the perfect location for the vocational training of future skilled workers – this is both, our affair of the heart and an investment in the future. An important focus of this grassroots-approach is the practice-oriented continuing education of skilled workers. This happens in close cooperation with the local economy based on its needs. Another showcase is the dual education system of apprentices which ensures the successful enhancement of local enterprises and makes them an attractive workplace for employees within the region
people are working in 1500 enterprises
enterprises are employing 750 people at the industry park in St. Veit/Glan
professional networks provide for a comfortable start in St. Veit/Glan
“The geographical location of St. Veit/Glan in the heart of Carinthia is very attractive. Further the city underwent an extremely positive transformation in the last 30 years – economically, culturally and socially. Also our business settlement was supported from start to finish – everything was very smooth.”
Alfred Riedl
Managing director of Jacques Lemans
Connecting St. Veit/Glan with the world

Global leaders


The global leader for high-quality facade panels and provider of a decorative assortment for the interior construction can proudly look back to a 130-year-long history – the company shapes St. Veit/Glan like no other

Jacques Lemans

The watch brand with its flawless international reputation conquered the watch- and jewellery market from St. Veit/Glan. Still today the headquarter of this successful company is located in the outskirts of St. Veit/Glan.


GREENoneTEC is one of the leading companies of the industrial park and its history could easily be the script for a Hollywood movie: The company was established in a garage and is now the biggest manufacturer of solar-thermic flat plate collectors globally with an annual production capacity of 1,6 Mill m² of collector area. The company is thus global leader for high-quality thermic solar panels.
Key factors for the future

Research and development in St. Veit/Glan

High quality research in St. Veit/Glan

St. Veit/Glan is a hub for high-end research. The company “Wood K plus” is just one of many research facilities which settled in the city years ago. It focuses on one of the hottest topics of our age: the research with renewable raw materials. The company received international awards like the “JEC Award” which honours the usage of a 100% bio-based composite material or a wing for a small wind-powered power plant.
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