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St. Veit is an attractive location for innovative companies.

A city full of opportunities

St. Veit/Glan is a multifaceted city where small- and medium sized enterprises as well as industrial companies find the perfect environment for developing their business concept. St. Veit/Glan is a multifaceted city where small- and medium sized enterprises as well as industrial companies find the perfect environment for developing their business concept.
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“We were both born in St. Veit and this is why we chose the ducal town as our company location. Our motto was: small, nice and affordable. We are still more than happy with our decision to settle here and we hope that our customers, who are visiting us from all over Carinthia, keep their positive feedback.”
Jennifer Anderwald
Manager Ja & Anders
The inner city of St. Veit

Prime location at the heart of the city

Retail space in the inner city

There is a total of 15.100 m2 of retail space in St. Veit/Glan of which 11.100 m2 are located in a prime location. Well-known companies like H&M, Billa, Bipa, Gössl Trachten, Griesser Schuhmoden, Hillebrand Outlet Schuhe, Pearle, Buchhandlung Besold and Tom Tailor consciously chose the inner city as their sales area. And companies are not left alone, in case they are interested in retail space in the inner city of St. Veit/Glan. The municipality runs an active vacancy management for all interested parties in retail-, gastronomy- or office space.

Vibrant living space

Time runs different in the inner city of St. Veit/Glan compared to other cities. The area within the historic city wall, which dates back to medieval times, became an attractive living- and working space for many retail companies, craft businesses and service providers. The ancient city centre is a buzzing living space thanks to the diverse activities of the city’s marketing team as well as business initiatives like “Innenstadt lebt” and “Aktion 82”. The inhabitants of St. Veit also enjoy the rich offer of the city’s gastronomy where no culinary wish is left unfulfilled.
Trade and industry

Living and working in the immediate vicinity

Business-friendly municipal policy with a vision

A visionary municipal policy in the past decades laid the foundation stone for trade businesses outside of the city’s core. This smart regional planning policy is visible in the creation of space for the development of trade businesses all over its urban area. The Wirtschaftspark St. Donat with a combined area of 14 ha is a prime example for such smart planning.

Industrial space St. Veit/Glan – a success story

The list of well-known companies located in the city’s industrial area is continuously updated. One company of the solar cluster in St. Veit is Petraglas. This business specializes in the production of high-strength glass for the solar industry. Also the REWE-group appreciates the prime location of ST. Veit/Glan regarding to its traffic integration and just recently expanded its existing logistics site in the industrial space. One more company of the industrial space is the printing centre of the Styria media house.
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