The future with a heart

to St. Veit

St. Veit an der Glan has been state capital and ducal seat. Today it is the vibrant centre at the heart of Carinthia.

The city in the south of Austria evolved to a modern industrial and business city in the last 30 years. It also hosts a cluster of companies concerned with renewable energy and is the headquarter of global leaders in the solar sector. St. Veit/Glan excels through its perfect infrastructure, 4-star-hotels, event- and seminar centres, a thriving city centre plus multiple sport- and recreational facilities.
Pedestrian area
0 m2

You can find service providers, gastronomy and trading companies in the city’s marvellous 10000 m2 pedestrian area.

of commercial space
0 ha

with a connection to the S37-highway are waiting for their new owners.

of industrial space
0 ha

with a direct connection to the highway are available.

St. Veit/Glan – in the south of Austria:

A city with a distinct profile

Plenty of space for your future

St. Veit/Glan offers perfect conditions for your company – no matter whether it is a start-up, a handicraft business or an industrial enterprise

Plenty of space for your profession

St. Veit/Glan has a high proportion of producing companies and is therefore the perfect location for the vocational training of future skilled workers – this is both, our affair of the heart and an investment in the future.

Plenty of space for your future.

The locational marketing team of St. Veit/Glan provides support for founders and investors right from the beginning. Further, this central contact offers assistance with finding the perfect business, commercial- or industrial space.

Plenty of space for family & friends

Plenty of space for family & friends “Working in a holiday region” – this is fantastic reality in St. Veit/Glan. The city is the vibrant economic and social hub of Central Carinthia.